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Get the Red Carpet Look (For Less!)

The MTV Movie Awards may have come and gone, but the fashion lives on… I was inspired by some of my favourite celeb looks this year, and decided that everybody should be able to emulate a look they like without putting too much strain on their wallet. Of course we all dream of someday being the proud owners of a real Balmain mini skirt like the one that Mila Kunis rocked this year, but until then, I think it’s important to responsibly concede that we can still create looks of our own that are inspired by high fashion (but for a much lesser cost!)

Product Info (clockwise): top, clutch, top, shoes, skirt, skirt

Starting off with the lovely Mila Kunis, I’ve gathered two combinations (at varying price ranges) inspired by Mila’s look at the MTV Awards. I personally loved how Mila opted for a skirt and top combo rather than a typical awards dress, it truly makes the look perfect for a number of occasions rather than being something you could only wear once to a fancy event.

Product Info: dress, bracelet, earrings, shoes

Okay, confession time. Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with white. It used to drive my mother crazy when she would take me to a store and tell me to pick out flowers from a huge selection of beautiful colours, and I would come back with white ones. So it’s no surprise that I find something about wearing white very alluring and elegant. Emma’s look here is simple: white and silver. However, what is really awesome about it is that you can play it up if you wish, especially through use of jewellery (wear as much of it as you want, everything else is simple enough!)

Product Info: dress, bracelet, shoes

I must admit I had a little trouble with this outfit. I tried really hard to determine (rather desperately) whether Miss Lively was wearing any earrings or necklace or any form of jewellery other than her bracelet which would give me something else to add to the above image. Nonetheless, what I love most about this outfit is the boldness of the two colours (colour blocking is so in right now), as well as the shoes. Plum coloured heels? They’re a gorgeous colour, I know I could spice up a lot of outfits if I had a pair!

Product Info: dress, bracelet, shoes

Last but certainly not least, Reese Witherspoon’s attire at the MTV Awards was less formal than most, and showed that she wasn’t taking the whole thing too seriously. I like that. Her green and black dress is simple and pretty, one that you could wear practically anywhere thanks to its versatility and her nude coloured heels complete the effortless look perfectly.


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Glee Style: Inspired by Rachel Berry & Quinn Fabray

Obsessed with Glee? Don’t worry, it seems like everybody is these days (myself included). And as we all know, every great show is often accompanied by a whole lot of fashion trends. Glee features a lot of diverse characters and their fashion is a huge reflection on their personalities, but I’ve chosen to focus on two of them today, Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray, portrayed by Lea Michele and Dianna Agron (both style icons in their own right I might add).

Rachel describes her style in the show as ‘sexy schoolgirl librarian chic’ and I honestly couldn’t have described it better myself. Rachel’s style involves a lot of short skirts, knee high socks or bright coloured opaque tights, simple flats, lots of cardigans, and ‘a strange affinity for sweaters with animals on them.’ Sometimes, her look can get overbearing and dorky, but don’t be fooled! Rachel does wear a lot of pretty dresses, and with just a little tweaking of her outfits, you can imitate the style without looking like a total ‘Lima loser.’ Or then again, you might love her look as it is (I know I do!) in which case, no tweaking needed.

Product Info: sweater, shirt, necklace, knee-high socks, skirt, shoes

Product Info: earrings, dress, necklace, stockings, shoes

Now onto aspiring Prom Queen, Quinn Fabray. Quinn’s style also greatly consists of skirts and dresses, whilst essentially embodying aspects of femininity and sweetness. You will often see her sporting a pretty feminine dress, polished with a simple cardigan to exemplify her modesty. What I really love about Quinn’s style is that it has quite obviously changed since the beginning of Glee, and whilst the basic aspects remain the same, she has taken to wearing fashionable wedges to Glee Club rehearsals making her look all the better!

Product Info: headband, dress, cardigan, belt, satchel, shoes, necklace

Product Info: headband, top, cardigan, necklace, shoes, skirt

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Bargain sites you should bookmark

I made an amazing discovery this year. The internet is not only a great social networking and informational tool (not to mention a great time-waster), but it can actually also get you things cheaper. Now, this may not be news to some, but for those who aren’t aware of these amazing sites, you really should take a look. Some of these sites offer huge savings on hair styling, holidays, basic grocery shopping, food, and much, much more. They all generally run by a ‘one deal a day’ policy, so if the deal of the day doesn’t take your fancy, there’s more than likely to be one you’ll love tomorrow.

Catch Of The Day

The site that first introduced me to the world of online bargains, Catch Of The Day proposes just that. Every day, there’s a new ‘catch’ which you can simply click to buy, and you’ll have it delivered straight to your door. I’ve seen amazing things on this site, from laptops and ridiculously cheap hard-drives, to all your grocery store needs. They generally have a shipping cap as well, so you can buy as many items as you like without having to worry about shipping costs! Immensely popular items do sell out though, and remember that each item is only available for 24 hours, so make sure you bookmark the site so you don’t miss out.


Ah, Scoopon. Possibly my favourite. The Scoopon site is divided into the different cities because it offers deals according to where you live. The catch is that a certain number of people have to also want to buy the deal before you can get it. However, from what I’ve observed, the deals are so good that this is really never a problem. So if you want to save hundreds on a huge hair pampering (including hair colour, hair style cut, head massage, etc) or you’ve always wanted to get your teeth whitened but could never afford it, I’d highly recommend keeping one eye on Scoopon at all times.


Very similar to Scoopon, this site also offers huge savings on deals in your particular city. It also requires a certain number of people to buy the deal before it can be upheld (I don’t mean that you spend money on nothing – you just have to register your interest and if enough people also do so, then you buy it!). Great holiday and beauty deals, don’t miss out.


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Melbourne, get excited: Zara is coming!


Fashionistas, get ready. And perhaps try and salvage some money over the next four days because the imminent Zara Melbourne opening is just around the corner. Opening on Bourke Street in Melbourne on Wednesday, June 15th, Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies, whose recent Sydney opening had the crowds flocking before the doors had even opened. Things to love about Zara? The Melbourne store will feature three floors, you can shop there with your mum (because their clothes cater for a wider age range than most stores), and, most importantly, they boast a casual chic style for the incredibly fashionable. Need more convincing? Check out the clothes you can expect to see there on the 15th, the Winter 2011 collection.

Great move, Melbourne. Now excuse me while I go pray for a Topshop, Forever 21, and an Urban Outfitters.

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