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My (extremely negative) review of the Glee 3D Movie

I had the displeasure of watching this film on Thursday when it opened here in Australia. I was quite surprised to find that myself and my boyfriend were the only people in the cinema (perhaps I should have taken that as a hint!). As demonstrated by my previous post (An Analysis of Glee’s Fall from Grace) I have mixed feelings about the show – specifically, that it has disappointed me since the start of its second season, and that it tries too hard to send corny messages which, in my opinion, it doesn’t effectively portray. And yet people obsess over it anyway, go figure.

Anyway, I was excited about the film because I like watching the cast perform, and because from watching the trailer I gathered that the performances would be intercut with footage of the cast. I must say that watching the cast performing was not a letdown. It was great to see that they are all talented, and much to my relief, the performances were not overly cheesy nor were they too long.Whoever your favourite cast member or character is, I doubt you will be disappointed by their performance. And despite being a 3D hater, the 3D was quite good for the performance segments because parts of it enhanced the feeling of being in attendance at the event.

Those are my positives. Now, onto the good old negatives. The cast was obviously supposed to be in character, and whilst they were reciting lines that their characters are likely to say, there did not seem to be any real conviction behind them. This weird hybrid of the cast being half in character does not bode well – it makes one wonder why they couldn’t make a decision to be either a) their character or b) themselves, in order to make it seem more real. The dialogue appeared heavily improvised, so perhaps having scripted dialogue would have improved such scenes. Springing a camera on the cast and expecting them to recite lines that sound like they could have come from their character’s just didn’t work.

Predictably, my least favourite part of the whole film was the ‘real life’ stories of Glee fans which were thrown in at various times throughout the film. I had no idea that the film would feature storylines like this, and this was definitely a clever move on the part of the makers, because it would have certainly made fans like me think twice about seeing the film. You want the truth? I just don’t care. I can enjoy Glee (sometimes), but it doesn’t affect me in any way, and hearing people discuss how its changed their lives makes me feel like an outsider, and truly makes me think they’re a little sad. What made these storylines worse was that they came across as disgustingly orchestrated as though they were some kind of advertisement or marketing campaign to sell the show (as if they aren’t making enough money as it is!) To top it off, these scenes had no 3D effect whatsoever. I don’t mean that the 3D wasn’t particularly good, I literally mean that they were not 3D at ALL. So not only do you fork out extra cash to see the film in 3D, but half of it (and the worst parts too) aren’t even 3D!

Ultimately, the film is a shoddy marketing ploy that is getting far too much attention than it deserves. I sincerely hope that Gleeks everywhere will be able to step outside of their Glee bubble long enough to realise that they are being played for fools.




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Who do you consider to be your role model?

This prompt by WordPress was too interesting to ignore. I find that having a role model is a strange thing – as far as I know, none of my close friends have any. Then again, they are not as into pop culture and entertainment as much as I am. The truth is, ever since I was a little girl, I had a tendency to get obsessed with people I liked. My friend and I used to make our parents call us by whatever name my favourite movie character of the month was called, and we would attempt to dress like them on a daily basis, whilst I (in secret because I must have known this behaviour was a little odd) would spend hours thinking about their personal traits and how I could go about adopting them.

I have always felt that it is a dissatisfaction with oneself that spurs a need for a role model. However, as I am much older and much wiser now, I think role models can certainly have a positive influence on your life, and I know that I for one will never go without having one. Currently, I would say I have many. My role model for singing? Lea Michele. My role model for life? Kate Winslet and Troian Bellisario. My role model for fashion? Rachel Bilson. People I will forever admire with all my heart? Emily Bronte and J.K. Rowling.

It’s interesting how these role models come and go, and even more interesting for me to ponder why these different people, who have done different things and come from different backgrounds all have well, ME, in common. Who are your role models and why? I’d like to read many peoples posts as possible on this topic!


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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Style: How to dress like Spencer Hastings

The preppy look can be a difficult one to pull off. It requires a balance of prep and class to keep it from veering off into dorky territory. Drawing inspiration from Pretty Little Liars character Spencer Hastings, I’ve put together an outfit on Polyvore that attempts to bridge that gap and leave you looking ‘preppy’ damn fabulous.

Product Info: cardigan, jeans, shoes, shirt, bangle

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Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 4


Ah, Pirates of the Caribbean. I have a strange history with this series of films, but one that I doubt I am alone in. When I first saw the first film, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’, I was quite young, 12 years old in fact, and I completely fell in love. Not just with Johnny Depp, but with the humour of the film and even with the idea of pirates. It actually inspired me to do my final Grade six oral presentation on pirates (which went very well thank you).

After the second film, I lost interest. I saw the third, found it utterly forgettable, and only saw the latest in a sheer act of kindness towards my boyfriend who begged me to see it with him. Unfortunately, I must report that it was not an enjoyable experience. Sure, Jack Sparrow is still just as Jack Sparrowish as ever, and we all love that, but after four films it really does seem like his character is simply a stand-alone feature that the filmmakers have fallen too in love with to let go. I honestly pity Jack because he probably wants his story to be over too, and the really sad part is, that feeling of holding onto something that should be long gone has somehow seeped into the film itself. It just feels… strained.

My biggest problem with the film was actually Penelope Cruz. Now, I adored Miss Cruz in Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’ but in Pirates her character seemed perpetually dull and utterly forgettable. It is evident that there was a clear move to make her appear as the fiesty, sexy woman who even Jack Sparrow can’t resist, but that whole concept felt entirely a little too obviously orchestrated causing me to just not feel ‘it.’ By ‘it’ I mean one of the most essential aspects a movie trying to sell a romance must contain: chemistry. Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz? Nope. Sorry, both great actors, but together they did not ignite the screen in a way that might have made the film a tad more interesting.

The story of course follows a painfully familiar line as the other films: Jack must help several group of baddies find something ever so powerful that they really shouldn’t want to find, in this case, the fountain of youth. There is a fair bit of filler-in time featuring a romance between one of the men, Phillip, and a mermaid, but I was falling asleep at this point.

One of the most disappointing aspects of the film was its ending. Why? Well, because it didn’t end. Yes, it is my sad duty to report that there will undoubtedly be a fifth Pirates film made, at least based on the ending or lack thereof of this one. It’s sad really. A film that once brought me such joy has turned into a running joke… Can fourth sequels of a film ever be any good, really? That’s an unanswerable question I’m afraid. All I can say is, the fourth Pirates sequel would suggest not.

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Get the Red Carpet Look (For Less!)

The MTV Movie Awards may have come and gone, but the fashion lives on… I was inspired by some of my favourite celeb looks this year, and decided that everybody should be able to emulate a look they like without putting too much strain on their wallet. Of course we all dream of someday being the proud owners of a real Balmain mini skirt like the one that Mila Kunis rocked this year, but until then, I think it’s important to responsibly concede that we can still create looks of our own that are inspired by high fashion (but for a much lesser cost!)

Product Info (clockwise): top, clutch, top, shoes, skirt, skirt

Starting off with the lovely Mila Kunis, I’ve gathered two combinations (at varying price ranges) inspired by Mila’s look at the MTV Awards. I personally loved how Mila opted for a skirt and top combo rather than a typical awards dress, it truly makes the look perfect for a number of occasions rather than being something you could only wear once to a fancy event.

Product Info: dress, bracelet, earrings, shoes

Okay, confession time. Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with white. It used to drive my mother crazy when she would take me to a store and tell me to pick out flowers from a huge selection of beautiful colours, and I would come back with white ones. So it’s no surprise that I find something about wearing white very alluring and elegant. Emma’s look here is simple: white and silver. However, what is really awesome about it is that you can play it up if you wish, especially through use of jewellery (wear as much of it as you want, everything else is simple enough!)

Product Info: dress, bracelet, shoes

I must admit I had a little trouble with this outfit. I tried really hard to determine (rather desperately) whether Miss Lively was wearing any earrings or necklace or any form of jewellery other than her bracelet which would give me something else to add to the above image. Nonetheless, what I love most about this outfit is the boldness of the two colours (colour blocking is so in right now), as well as the shoes. Plum coloured heels? They’re a gorgeous colour, I know I could spice up a lot of outfits if I had a pair!

Product Info: dress, bracelet, shoes

Last but certainly not least, Reese Witherspoon’s attire at the MTV Awards was less formal than most, and showed that she wasn’t taking the whole thing too seriously. I like that. Her green and black dress is simple and pretty, one that you could wear practically anywhere thanks to its versatility and her nude coloured heels complete the effortless look perfectly.

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Glee Style: Inspired by Rachel Berry & Quinn Fabray

Obsessed with Glee? Don’t worry, it seems like everybody is these days (myself included). And as we all know, every great show is often accompanied by a whole lot of fashion trends. Glee features a lot of diverse characters and their fashion is a huge reflection on their personalities, but I’ve chosen to focus on two of them today, Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray, portrayed by Lea Michele and Dianna Agron (both style icons in their own right I might add).

Rachel describes her style in the show as ‘sexy schoolgirl librarian chic’ and I honestly couldn’t have described it better myself. Rachel’s style involves a lot of short skirts, knee high socks or bright coloured opaque tights, simple flats, lots of cardigans, and ‘a strange affinity for sweaters with animals on them.’ Sometimes, her look can get overbearing and dorky, but don’t be fooled! Rachel does wear a lot of pretty dresses, and with just a little tweaking of her outfits, you can imitate the style without looking like a total ‘Lima loser.’ Or then again, you might love her look as it is (I know I do!) in which case, no tweaking needed.

Product Info: sweater, shirt, necklace, knee-high socks, skirt, shoes

Product Info: earrings, dress, necklace, stockings, shoes

Now onto aspiring Prom Queen, Quinn Fabray. Quinn’s style also greatly consists of skirts and dresses, whilst essentially embodying aspects of femininity and sweetness. You will often see her sporting a pretty feminine dress, polished with a simple cardigan to exemplify her modesty. What I really love about Quinn’s style is that it has quite obviously changed since the beginning of Glee, and whilst the basic aspects remain the same, she has taken to wearing fashionable wedges to Glee Club rehearsals making her look all the better!

Product Info: headband, dress, cardigan, belt, satchel, shoes, necklace

Product Info: headband, top, cardigan, necklace, shoes, skirt

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