Disney Inspired Fashion (Part 1)

Who didn’t want to be a Disney princess at one time or other? Being the huge Disney geek that I am, I still often watch all my old favourite Disney classics, and embrace the new classics like ‘Tangled’ with open arms. It recently occurred to me that considering how inspirational the Disney princesses were to me when I was a little girl, why not explore their fashion? Naturally, I became inspired by that, too. I’ve tried to choose outfits reminiscent of five of the Disney princesses (the other 5 will be in a separate post coming soon!) and made a serious attempt to not allow the outfits look too ‘costume-y,’ because that would create a far from attractive look. Each character is also paired with some Disney Couture jewellery (a brand inspired entirely by Disney)Enjoy!

Belle happens to be my favourite princess. Beauty & the Beast is my absolute favourite Disney film, and I always felt the greatest connection to her, possibly because I too grew up in a small town and was a total bookworm. I’ve tried to imitate two of Belle’s central outfits in the film, her blue and white dress, with simple flats, and her long flowing ball gown (although here it’s a super cute yellow dress from Urban Outfitters). Yellow and blue are often considered very ‘preppy’ colours. But what truly inspires me about these outfits is that yellow is such a fun, bold colour and should really be worn more often, whilst blue and white together have always reminded me of that ‘fresh’ and casual yet still incredibly stylish look (think blue jeans and a tight white tank top).

Who knew a mermaid could be so ‘in’ with the trends? Ariel’s mermaid ‘attire,’ if you could call it that, makes great use of the current fashion trend that’s taken over the world, also known as colourblocking. This current trend involves pairing two very bold colours together, such as purple and green. The result? Perfection. I truly am a fan of this trend and by keeping your accessories simple (one coloured), you can effectively create an extremely stylish outfit.

Ah, neutral colours. We all need some of them in our closet, and this is a perfect example of how fabulous simplicity can be. Experiment with different shades of brown or white and you won’t be disappointed because, after all, outfits with predominantly neutral colours are always in style.

Sleeping Beauty, otherwise known as Princess Aurora, pairs grey and black in her most commonly worn outfit. This can be a bit tricky to pull off because you may end up looking rather drab (which is not a good look at all). Try experimenting with different shades of grey, such as the washed out grey pictured in the dress above. On another note, headbands are excellent accessories. After all, there’s a reason they have the Blair Waldorf stamp of approval.


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